Karl Allan Karlsson founded the company in 1927. His first boat, Zita I, was a traditional vessel built in oak and without a cabin. At first, the business was mainly transportation of fish from the local auctions to the different exporters and fishmongers but during that time a few turists started to find their way to this part of the coast. They came to Zita when they wanted a trip at sea and the business slowly shifted towards transportation of people instead of goods. In an early stage Valter, Karl Allans younger brother, helped out and so did their father Karl “i hagen” Martinsson. Karl Allans sons Bernt and Ove started working in the company as young boys. Bernts son, Martin, represents a fourth generation of skippers. For a period, a maximum of four Zitaboats operated the area.

At the moment we have three: Zita af Kungshamn, Zita III and Zita V. They are build in the same traditional style as the others. In 1974, the bridge between Kungshamn and Smögen was build and “Ägir”, the ship that operated that strech at the time, stopped going on that route. Turism increased and Smögen is now a very popular spot in summer. Today we mainly operate this route between Kungshamn and Smögen.