We offer a wide variety of charter trips for large as well as small companies. If you like, it is possible to bring your own food and drink. Perhaps you like to go ashore on one of the many beautiful islands in the area, we adapt to your specific demands. The price depends on how many you are and how long you would like the trip to be. Please contact us with your wishes and we will tell you more.

Some examples of popular trips:

Kungshamn/ Smögen – Hunnebostrand via Sotenkanalen

Sotenkanalen was built in the thirties by local unemployed stonecutters with the purpose of making a safe route for the small freighterships going north or south. This beautiful canal connects Kungshamn/Väjern with Hunnebostrand. It is, thanks to its sheltered location, a perfect trip when the weather is rough. The whole trip, back and forth takes about 2,5 hours if you go ashore to stretch your legs on the way. It is also possible to go only one way or turn around after half the distance and return to the port.


By Hasselösund, on the northern side of Smögen, lies a narrow and beautiful natural canal called “Sunnepinan”. If you want a short toundtrip you can leave from Kungshamn or Smögen, pass the large fishfactory ABBA, over to Väjern and back again through Hasselösund. This trip takes about an hour.
Kungshamn – Sunnepinan without the roundtrip takes close to half an hour.

Kungshamn/ Smögen – Fisketången – Bohus Malmön

This trip takes about an hour one way. You will pass the picturesque “Fisketången” on the way and there is also a possibility to go by the small village of Hovenäset before heading towards Bohus Malmön. Close to there lies “Keö” with its beautiful nature and old quarries. This island offers a nice possibility of going ashore.


Hållö is always worth a trip! Kungshamn to Hållö takes about 20 minutes but if you like an extended boatride it is possible to cruise by one or many of the surrounding islands where seals are often seen basking in the sun.